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10 of the Best Parks in Bath

Places to Visit in Bath For a Relaxing Day Out

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Renowned for its Georgian architecture and historic charm, Bath is a city filled with timeless elegance and allure. Amidst its cobbled streets and iconic landmarks, lies a plethora of beautiful parks and gardens, offering serene retreats for those looking to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in nature's splendour. From the tranquil pathways of Royal Victoria Park to the vibrant floral displays of Parade Gardens, each green space boasts its own unique charm and beauty.

As a hot air balloon company offering flights over Bath, we understand the allure of finding those unique and hidden spots. So whether you’re keen to explore Bath’s urban and natural beauty from the unique perspective of a hot air balloon ride, or prefer to explore its green spaces on foot, there are so many enchanting parks and gardens just waiting to be discovered.

Join us as we soar above the city's skyline, and explore some of the best parks in Bath. Whether you're captivated by the tranquil pathways of Royal Victoria Park, the vibrant floral displays of Parade Gardens, or the historic charm of Sydney Gardens, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Royal Victoria Park

Location: Marlborough Lane, BA1 2NQ

Opening Hours: Generally open from dawn to dusk.

Admission Fees: Free

Park Facilities: Playground, botanical garden, crazy golf, tennis courts, boating pond, café, toilets.

Notable Features: Royal Crescent, Great Dell (botanical garden), Victoria Falls (water feature).

Located in Bath’s city centre, Royal Victoria Park is not only one of the city's largest green spaces but also steeped in history, named in honour of Queen Victoria in 1830. Boasting a botanical garden, magnificent trees, and ancient statues, it stands as one of the best parks in Bath, offering a delightful retreat for locals and tourists alike. Visitors can explore its open spaces, relax in the shade of its beautiful gardens, or enjoy live music at the bandstand on a sunny day.

The park's attractions include the iconic Royal Crescent, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a charming boating pond, perfect for leisurely activities. With free admission and splendid views of Bath's skyline, including Great Pulteney Street and the Prior Park Landscape Garden, it's a popular choice for those seeking free things to do in Bath. Throughout the year, various events, from outdoor concerts to seasonal festivals, add to the park's vibrant atmosphere, making it a cherished destination for all.

Royal Victoria Park is also very special as it's the launch site for our Bath hot air balloon rides.

With stunning views of Bath's famous landmarks, like the Royal Crescent and maybe even glimpses of the famous Roman Bath spa, you’ll experience Bath’s historic beauty and iconic cityscape like never before. As you drift over the park's greenery, you'll be enchanted by the tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking scenery - It’s an experience that’s truly magical!

multiple red hot air balloons being blown up in Royal Victoria Park in Bath

2. Sydney Gardens

Location: Sydney Road, BA2 6NT

Opening Hours: Typically open from dawn to dusk.

Admission Fees: Free.

Park Facilities: Walking paths, picnic areas, café, toilets.

Notable Features: Historic buildings, canal towpath, Sydney Hotel.

Nestled in the Northern outskirts of Bath, Sydney Gardens is a hidden gem of historic charm. Designed in the late 18th century as a pleasure garden, it became a popular destination for social gatherings and leisurely strolls, with notable visitors including Jane Austen herself. Today, visitors can still enjoy the same serene ambience as they wander along the river Avon or relax amidst the beautiful greenery. With its picturesque setting and testament to Bath’s history and Georgian architecture, Sydney Gardens has been a favourite destination for day trips to Bath for centuries. Don't miss the chance to visit during the Bath Carnival, where the park comes alive with vibrant colours, music, and festivities, showcasing the lively spirit of the city.

3. Alexandra Park

Location: Shakespeare Avenue, BA2 4RQ

Opening Hours: Generally open from dawn to dusk.

Admission Fees: Free.

Park Facilities: Sports fields, children's play area, café, toilets.

Notable Features: Spectacular views of Bath, Alexandra Park bandstand.

Situated atop Beechen Cliff in the south of Bath, Alexandra Park offers stunning panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside. Originally opened in 1902 to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII, the park has since become a beloved destination for anyone on a day trip to Bath. Boasting open spaces, sports fields, and a play area, Alexandra Park is is a versatile and inviting destination for visitors of all ages. Here, visitors can relax amidst its beautiful gardens, enjoy a picnic on a sunny day, or explore its historic features, including the Alexandra Park bandstand—a focal point for countless performances, from brass bands to local music festivals. With live music events during the summer months, Alexandra Park offers a vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking views, making it a must visit destination on your visit to Bath.

4. Prior Park Landscape Garden

Location: Southgate St, BA1 1TP

Opening Hours: Seasonal variations, typically 10am to 5pm.

Admission Fees: Entrance fee applies, with discounts for National Trust members.

Park Facilities: Visitor centre, guided tours, toilets.

Notable Features: Palladian bridge, Prior Park mansion ruins, landscaped gardens.

Hidden in Bath's southern countryside, Prior Park’s Landscape Gardens invite many visitors with its timeless beauty and serene atmosphere. Designed in the 18th century by the visionary poet Alexander Pope and renowned landscape gardener Capability Brown, this historic garden offers a captivating glimpse into Bath's rich heritage. As visitors wander along its winding paths, they are treated to breathtaking views of the city skyline and the sweeping valley below. One of the garden's most iconic features is its Palladian bridge, one of only four Palladian bridges in the world. With its elegant landscaped grounds and quiet atmosphere, Prior Park is a haven for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Palladian Bridge in Prior Park

5. Henrietta Park

Location: Henrietta Road, BA2 6LP

Opening Hours: Generally open from dawn to dusk.

Admission Fees: Free.

Park Facilities: Formal gardens, children's play area, tennis courts, toilets.

Notable Features: Henrietta Park bandstand, ornamental fountain, mature trees.

Centrally located in Bath, Henrietta Park offers a peaceful retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Named after Henrietta Laura Pulteney, the park features beautiful gardens, open spaces, and an ornamental fountain, adding a touch of elegance to its tranquil atmosphere. Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy seasonal events such as plant sales, guided walks, and outdoor theatre performances, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking free things to do in Bath. With its rich history and serene atmosphere, Henrietta Park is a charming escape in the heart of Bath, inviting visitors to relax and unwind amidst its natural beauty.

6. Alice Park

Location: Gloucester Road, BA1 6AW

Opening Hours: Typically open from dawn to dusk.

Admission Fees: Free.

Park Facilities: Skate park, children's play area, sports fields, café, toilets.

Notable Features: Community garden, outdoor gym equipment, Alice Park Café.

Situated in Bath's northern suburbs, Alice Park is a vibrant community hub offering a range of activities for visitors of all ages. Named after Alice Clark, a local resident and community activist, the park boasts a bustling café, vibrant play areas, and a community garden. From outdoor film screenings to live music performances and community workshops, there's always something happening here. With its lively atmosphere and free admission, Alice Park is a favourite among families and locals, inviting visitors to explore its beautiful gardens and enjoy the array of activities available.

7. Parade Gardens

Location: Grand Parade, BA2 4DF

Opening Hours: Seasonal variations, typically 10am to 6pm.

Admission Fees: Entrance fee applies.

Park Facilities: Flower displays, café, toilets.

Notable Features: Riverside location, floral displays, views of Pulteney Bridge.

Stretching along the picturesque River Avon, Parade Gardens is easily one of the best Bath parks, known for its floral paradise and captivating views of Bath. Originally laid out in the 18th century as a pleasure garden, it has since become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. As visitors wander through the vibrant flower displays and lush greenery, they can enjoy magnificent views of Pulteney Bridge and Great Pulteney Street. Throughout the year, the park hosts a variety of events, from summer concerts to outdoor theatre productions, offering visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings along the Avon Canal. With its stunning floral displays and live music events, Parade Gardens is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty and history of Bath's parks.

View of Pultney bridge in Bath

8. Weston Park

Location: Weston Lane, BA1 4AQ

Opening Hours: Generally open from dawn to dusk.

Admission Fees: Free.

Park Facilities: Sports fields, children's play area, toilets.

Notable Features: Woodland walks, Weston Adventure Play Area, Weston Village Green.

Located in Bath's southern suburbs, Weston Park is a hidden gem beloved by locals for its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. Originally part of the estate of Weston Manor, the park offers a mix of woodland walks, open green spaces, and recreational facilities. Whether visitors are enjoying a leisurely picnic on the village green, exploring the woodland trails, or letting children play on the spacious sports fields, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Keep an eye out for seasonal events such as nature walks, wildlife spotting sessions, and family fun days, which add to the park's charm and appeal.

9. Bath Botanical Gardens

Location: Ralph Allen Drive, BA2 5AH

Opening Hours: Seasonal variations, typically 10am to 4pm.

Admission Fees: Entrance fee applies.

Park Facilities: Glasshouses, café, toilets.

Notable Features: Plant collections, themed gardens, historic architecture.

Nestled in Bath's Northern outskirts, the Botanical Gardens is a hidden gem for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers. Established in the 19th century, it boasts an impressive collection of plants from around the world, including rare and exotic species. Visitors can explore themed gardens, glasshouses, and historic architecture as they wander through this tranquil open space. Keep an eye out for guided tours, workshops, and seasonal events, which offer opportunities to learn about conservation efforts and botanical research while enjoying the beauty of the gardens.

10. Bath Skyline Walk

While not a traditional park, the Bath Skyline Walk offers an enchanting journey through some of the city's most picturesque landscapes. This fantastic route winds its way through woodlands, meadows, and open spaces, providing visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Bath's natural beauty. Along the way, hikers are treated to magnificent views of the city skyline, including iconic landmarks such as Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent. This scenic trail also boasts a rich history, with sections of the route passing by ancient Roman settlements and historic estates. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or simply looking for a leisurely stroll, the Bath Skyline Walk is a fantastic place to enjoy Bath and experience its breathtaking cityscapes.

Bath's parks and gardens are perfect examples of the city's vibrant beauty and timeless history, each offering a unique and enchanting retreat from the bustling streets. Each park, from Royal Victoria Park with its botanical gardens and Alexandra Park with its live music events, holds something very special and unique.

As a company that flies hot air balloons over Bath, we understand the magic of experiencing these places from above. So, if you're seeking a fresh perspective on Bath or its surrounding areas, our hot air balloon rides in the South West promise an adventure of a lifetime. Come and immerse yourself in the best of Bath's green spaces, where nature and history intertwine to create unforgettable experiences. And if you're still in need of inspiration for your trip to Bath, don't forget to check out our blog post on free things to do in Bath for a guilt free city break!

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