Sunset over the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

Best Places to See the Sunrise and Sunset in Bristol

Experience the Magic of Sunrise and Sunset Over Bristol

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From its vibrant cityscapes to its charming countryside, Bristol is an area of outstanding beauty, boasting some of the best sunrise and sunset spots in the UK. Whether you're a resident seeking to reconnect with nature or a visitor eager to explore the city's scenic wonders, witnessing the dawn and dusk in Bristol offers unforgettable moments of mindfulness and wonder. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some of the most picturesque locations in Bristol and its surroundings where you can experience the magic of sunrise and sunset like never before.

How Early Do You Need to Be to Watch the Sunrise?

The ideal arrival time for watching the sunrise depends on several factors, including your location, the time of year, and the weather conditions. Generally, it's recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled sunrise time to ensure you have enough time to find a good viewing spot and fully enjoy the experience without feeling rushed. However, suppose you're planning to watch the sunrise from a popular or particularly scenic location. In that case, you may want to arrive even earlier to secure a prime viewing spot, especially during peak tourist seasons.

What Time is the Earliest Sunrise in the UK?

The earliest sunrise usually happens around 4:30 am, but it can vary depending on where you are. This often lines up with the summer solstice in June. However, exact sunrise times can differ between regions because of factors like latitude and local geography. In places like Inverness up north, sunrise may be even earlier, while spots like Cornwall in the south might see it a bit later. These differences are due to how the Earth tilts and moves around the sun, as well as the weather. To find out when the sun rises near you, just check your local sunrise times!

What Time is the Latest Sunrise in the UK?

During the winter solstice period around December 21st, the latest sunrise in the UK usually happens between 8:00 am to 8:30 am. But remember, it can vary depending on where you are! So, if you're eager to catch the first light of day, don't forget to check your local sunrise times.

What Time is the Earliest Sunset in the UK?

The time of the earliest sunset in the UK depends on the time of year and where you are. Usually, around the winter solstice in late December, the earliest sunset happens in the late afternoon, typically between 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

What Time is the Latest Sunset in the UK?

Typically, the latest sunset occurs around 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm during the summer months, with the sun setting later in the evening. This provides ample opportunities for capturing stunning sunset photos and admiring the ever-changing hues of the sunset sky.

Balloon being inflated with the sun rising in the background

Where Can I Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in Bristol?

Whether you’re watching the sunrise in Bristol or the sunset in Bath, there are countless locations across and around the city, offering the best viewpoints for this enchanting spectacle. From the historic Clifton Suspension Bridge offering panoramic views of the Avon Gorge to the historic skyline walk in Bath, there are countless spots to witness a beautiful sunset sky and take pictures that capture the magic of a Bristol sunrise and sunset.

Clevedon Pier

Clevedon Pier offers a serene setting to witness the sunrise and sunset, with its Victorian bridge stretching over the Bristol Channel. The expansive views of the sea and horizon make it an enchanting spot for capturing the first rays of sunrise or the last rays of sunset.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Set high above the Avon Gorge, the Clifton Suspension Bridge provides unparalleled vistas of Bristol and its surrounding countryside. Whether witnessing the sun rising behind the city or setting over the river below, the bridge offers a dramatic and picturesque location for observing this daily spectacle.

Cherhill Down

With its elevated position and sweeping views of the Wiltshire countryside, Cherhill Downs offers a tranquil setting for enjoying both sunrise and sunset. The expansive landscape and ancient landmarks provide a sense of serenity and wonder as the sky transforms with vibrant hues.

Bath Skyline Walk

The Bath Skyline Walk provides visitors with a panoramic view of Bath's historic cityscape and the picturesque countryside that surrounds it, making it one of the best things to do in Bath. Whether strolling along the gentle slopes or pausing at designated viewpoints, guests can marvel at the remarkable sunrises and sunsets set against the backdrop of Bath’s architectural grandeur and serene natural landscapes.


Stonehenge's ancient and mystical atmosphere, attracts people from all over the world, providing a unique backdrop for experiencing both sunrise and sunset. As the sun illuminates the iconic stone circle, visitors are treated to a truly enchanting moment among the ancient stones. One of the best times to visit Stonehenge and witness the sunrise is on the summer solstice, as this is when the sun rises behind the Heel Stone in the northeast part of the horizon, and its first rays shine into the heart of Stonehenge, adding an extra layer of enchantment to the already mesmerising scene.

sun rising behind the stones of stonehenge

Cheddar Gorge

As one of Britain's most iconic natural wonders, Cheddar Gorge provides a dramatic setting for witnessing the sun's daily journey. The towering limestone cliffs and lush greenery create a breathtaking backdrop for capturing the golden glow of sunrise or the fiery hues of sunset.

Ashton Court Estate

Ashton Court Estate's expansive grounds and panoramic views make it an ideal location for enjoying both sunrise and sunset. Whether strolling through the parkland or picnicking on the estate's lawns, visitors can soak in the beauty of the changing sky against the backdrop of this historic mansion and landscaped gardens.

Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill offers a peaceful retreat in the heart of Bristol, providing stunning views of the cityscape below. Whether climbing Cabot Tower or simply relaxing in the park, visitors can witness spectacular sunrises and sunsets amidst the tranquil surroundings of nature and urban charm.

Victoria Park

With its beautiful greenery and relaxed surroundings, Victoria Park provides a peaceful escape where visitors can enjoy moments of contemplation and appreciation while watching the sunrise or sunset from the park's elevated spots.

Sunrise or Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take off on an enchanting adventure with hot air balloon rides over Bristol and Bath. With launch sites in both cities, you can experience the magic of soaring high above Somerset's stunning landscapes, flying across the horizon of sunrise or the orange hues of a sunset sky. From the gentle journey to the panoramic views of the countryside, it's a journey filled with awe and wonder. Whether you're admiring the historic landmarks of Bristol or the picturesque scenery of Bath, a sunrise balloon ride is filled with magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

So, wherever you choose to experience the magic of sunrise or sunset, Bristol offers a diverse array of breathtaking viewpoints to enjoy these natural wonders. Whether you're captivated by the historic Clifton Suspension Bridge, immersed in the serene surroundings of Victoria Park, or venturing further to iconic sites like Stonehenge, each location promises unforgettable moments of wonder and beauty. If you’re looking for more inspiration and things to do in Bristol, check out our ultimate guide on everything you need to know about the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, for a truly spectacular addition to your summer calendar.

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