In honour of National Pet Month, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce the Virgin Balloon Flights office dog and official company mascot - Cookie.

Aged 11, this adorable Pomeranian pooch is the proud pet of our CEO but is also something of a celebrity in his own right, even featuring in magazine photoshoots with Hollywood superstars Lucy Liu and Eva Longoria.

Cookie has an outgoing personality and is always at the forefront of any office activities, whether it be the postman popping in (who he is convinced is actually there to ‘steal’ our parcels!) or his favourite time of day – lunch!

He often helps out staff members by giving them a high five to boost team morale and provides pep talks in the form of a few little yaps when he feels we need it.

Cookie hates people leaving the office, giving them a stern telling off and sometimes even holding onto their trousers to try and keep them in.

Because he is so cute and gorgeous, he is often mistaken for a girl – something he isn’t too happy about as he considers himself a very tough little boy. He was almost named Rambo but in the end, Cookie fitted him better.

He has been up in a hot air balloon with his dad, our CEO and chief pilot, and seemed to enjoy himself.


Name: Cookie

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 11

Favourite food: Chicken drumsticks and lamb chops – although he has been known to pinch the odd McDonald’s cheeseburger when you’re not looking.

Personality: Friendly, cheeky, affectionate, noisy and proud.

Hobbies: Looking cute, long afternoon naps in the middle of the office floor, visiting all our staff members in the hope of a fuss and barking at the ‘parcel thief,’ aka our (very understanding!) postman.

Look out for more of Cookie’s adventures on our social media pages, website, and blog.