Take Life Higher With Our Yorkshire Balloon Flights

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There is something truly special about Yorkshire balloon flights.

And we should know, as we’ve taken more people up, up, and away over Yorkshire in our beautiful big red Virgin balloons than anyone else over the past 20-odd years.

From flying over the stunning city of York to soaring majestically over the breathtaking South Yorkshire countryside, Virgin Balloon Flights has more launch sites across the county than anybody else.

Choose from six different Yorkshire hot air balloon ride locations and experience an airborne adventure showing exactly why this gorgeous region is known as ‘God’s Own County’.

Where Can You Enjoy Our Yorkshire Balloon Flights?

Virgin Balloon Flights is the only passenger company flying in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, as well as our hugely popular North Yorkshire flights from York and Harrogate.

North Yorkshire Balloon Rides

West Yorkshire Balloon Rides

South Yorkshire Balloon Rides

The magnificent city of York offers a balloon ride with the best of both worlds, with the historic walled city with its wealth of ancient architecture in view as you launch before you head out over rolling countryside stretching out to the horizon.

Both the Ripley Castle Estate near Harrogate and Temple Newsam Country Park near Leeds offer balloon flights over some of Yorkshire’s most beautiful landscapes, with patchwork fields and dramatic woodlands dotting the vales below.

And the glorious countryside of South Yorkshire, perhaps even the edges of the Peak District National Park, await when you take to the skies in our iconic balloon from Doncaster, Sheffield, or Rotherham.

Why Choose Us For A Balloon Ride In Yorkshire?

Our Yorkshire balloon pilots Dave ‘Sutty’ Sutcliffe (north) and Tom Hook (south) love what they do in bringing the magic of hot air ballooning to our passengers.

Or as Yorkshireman (although you might not think it with his accent!) Sutty put it: “Ballooning is pure enjoyment – it’s not work.

“I had my first ever hot air balloon ride 34 years ago and fell in love with it there and then.”

“The most enjoyable part for me is watching the world go by as you drift across the sky, everything is so calm,” added Tom.

“Sharing that experience with other people is one of the most rewarding experiences of all.”

Virgin Balloon Flights has been taking you up, up, and away for almost 27 years.

Not only do we have more choices for hot air balloon rides in Yorkshire than anyone, we fly across the UK as the only nationwide passenger operator.

Ready to take life higher in our big red balloons?

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