Halloween is filled with mystery, magic and superstition. Here at Virgin Balloon Flights headquarters, we’ve had everything from witches and zombies to an evil clown and a possessed surgeon – we’ve even had a visit from Casper's evil brothers Fatso, Stinky and Stretch!

Halloween ClownFatso, Stinky and StretchHalloween - Surgeon

As we walked in this morning, we were warned to ‘keep out’…those brave enough to enter were greeted by a giant hanging spider, cobwebs, skeletons and a huge inflatable pumpkin. Throughout the day we’ve had a few tricks and some treats but its all been good fun. Everyone got involved in some pumpkin carving which ended up in a friendly competition. Take a look at the full album of halloween fun on our facebook page and let us know which pumpkin you think is best!

Halloween WitchHalloween Shawn VBFZombie at VBFHalloween Cat

Inflated Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!