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Virgin Balloon Flights

Launch From More Than 100 Locations

Nobody offers more locations for hot air balloon rides near you than Virgin Balloon Flights – the UK’s only nationwide passenger flight operator.

Enter your town, postcode or county into our location search above to find our closest hot air balloon locations to you.

Launching from more than 100 launch sites across the UK and with new flight dates released for booking every single week during the flying season, your unforgettable balloon flight experience is never too far away.

Rising majestically into the air before drifting through the skies with the world at your feet, only the sounds of nature and the occasional blast of the burners for company, there is no better way to take life higher than our unforgettable hot air balloon rides.

From Angus in Scotland to Liskeard in Cornwall and Abergavenny in Wales to Norwich in the east, our big red balloons are an iconic sight in the skies from spring to autumn.

The UK’s No.1 passenger balloon rides provider, Virgin Balloon Flights is the only nationwide operator and has more hot air balloon launch sites near you than any other company.

We’ve been making dreams come true by taking you up, up and away since 1994, with more than a million passengers experiencing the airborne adventure of a lifetime with us so far.

Wherever you choose to fly with us, a breath-taking Virgin hot air balloon flight will be an experience you will never forget.

Backup Launch Sites

Almost all of our launch locations have back-up sites, which are mainly used when conditions are not flyable at the original site but will also be used if the main site is unavailable for other reasons.

Having back-up sites increases the chance of a hot air balloon flight going ahead, as without them it would have been cancelled. Where possible, they will be within 20 miles of the original site but can sometimes be further away.

You will be sent a list of all the back-up sites for the main location you have booked for with your booking confirmation, so please take note of the details for each of them in case your flight is moved.

Look forward to... floating on air exceptional views breath-taking heights going with the wind the world at your feet


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