Hertfordshire Hot Air Balloon Rides

Soar Over Hertfordshire’s Stunning Manors and Gardens

Hertfordshire offers a stunning backdrop for hot air balloon rides, with its blend of historic landmarks and picturesque countryside. Float above sprawling estates, ancient woodlands, and charming villages. The county’s rich history is evident in its stately homes, castles, and beautiful gardens. From the rolling Chiltern Hills to the serene River Lea, Hertfordshire's diverse landscapes provide breathtaking views at every turn.

Hot Air Balloon Experiences in Hertfordshire

Why Choose A Hertfordshire Hot Air Balloon Ride

Choosing a Hertfordshire hot air balloon ride offers an enchanting and memorable experience. The county's diverse landscapes and rich heritage make it an ideal destination for a breathtaking adventure.

  • Historic Landmarks: Soar over stately homes, castles, and ancient woodlands.
  • Beautiful Gardens: Enjoy views of the county’s renowned gardens and estates.
  • Charming Villages: Drift above picturesque villages and market towns.
  • Scenic Countryside: Experience the rolling Chiltern Hills and serene River Lea.
  • Unique Perspective: Capture the essence of Hertfordshire's natural beauty and rich history from the sky.

Hertfordshire Hot Air Balloon Launch Sites

The Hertfordshire landscape is perfect for hot air balloon rides, offering stunning views of rolling hills, historic sites, and charming villages. From our launch sites in Berkhamsted and Welwyn Garden City, you could see the magnificent Hatfield House, the picturesque Chiltern Hills, and the lush countryside, making each flight a memorable adventure.


An unforgettable Hertfordshire hot air balloon ride adventure awaits when you go up, up and away from our beautiful Berkhamsted launch site. Take life higher on the flying experience of a…

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Welwyn Garden City (Hatfield House)

The stunning Hatfield House is the setting for a glorious Hertfordshire hot air balloon ride. Experience the skies and enjoy unforgettable panoramic views on the airborne adventure of a…

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Balloon Rides Near Hertfordshire

For those near Hertfordshire, our closest launch sites include Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Biggleswade, and Brentwood. Each location offers stunning hot air balloon rides with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. These nearby sites provide a perfect opportunity for a memorable and enchanting ballooning adventure just a short distance from Hertfordshire.


An airborne adventure across the heart of Roald Dahl country awaits when you go up, up and away for an amazing Aylesbury hot air balloon ride. Whichever way the wind takes you, enjoy…

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Milton Keynes

Take life higher with a stunning Milton Keynes hot air balloon ride, launching from one of the town’s most beautiful parks. Experience the airborne adventure of a lifetime when you go up,…

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Take life higher with a stunning Bedfordshire hot air balloon ride and experience the adventure of a lifetime. As you drift up, up and away from Biggleswade over the picturesque…

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Enjoy the experience of a lifetime when you take to the skies for an unforgettable Essex hot air balloon ride from Brentwood. Appreciate the beauty of eastern England on your flight as you…

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Hertfordshire Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Hot air balloon festivals offer spectacular sights and experiences, and the closest event to Hertfordshire is the Lord Mayor's London Hot Air Balloon Regatta. This vibrant festival features a stunning array of balloons floating over London's iconic skyline. It's a must-visit event for ballooning enthusiasts and a fantastic day out for families.

London Hot Air Balloon Regatta

The Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta is a celebrated event that takes flight across central London, raising awareness and funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal - MQ Mental Health Research,…

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Are these flight vouchers only valid for the Hertfordshire region?

No, Virgin Balloon Flights Vouchers are valid nationwide – simply purchase your balloon ride vouchers and you will be able to book at over 100 launch sites nationwide.

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