Another one of our hot air balloon pilots has hit the airwaves to share stories about an exciting career in the clouds.

Brad Smith, who pilots champagne balloon rides in Shropshire, starred on BBC Radio Shropshire's breakfast show on Thursday.

Balloon pilot Brad Smith

The adventurous Aussie, who now lives in Whitchurch, spoke about some of his most memorable flights which have taken place all over the world. He spoke about how beautiful Shropshire is from the air and how it compares to many of the more exotic places his soared over.

The feature about Dream Jobs, during show presented by Eric Smith, focused particularly on an incredible flight in the Kenya's Masai Mara when a pride of lions gathered round the balloon after landing.

Brad said: "Ballooning has given me the opportunity to see the world. I couldn't do another job now.

"The thing I love most is seeing the excitement on passenger's faces when they experience ballooning for the first time."

Listen to Brad's interview (fast forward to 1hr 39 mins)

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