Most days in the Virgin Balloon Flights office are pretty exciting, and the last couple of days have certainly been no exception!

We’re delighted to announce that our brand new hot off the press shiny new website has now gone live.

October the 1st heralded a new online beginning for Virgin Balloons with a much brighter, more social, more engaging new website that is faster, more customer focused and more informative than ever.

Would be balloonists can find out which launch site locations we fly from all over the UK and see a fully interactive Google Map giving and indication of what might be in store on their balloon ride. Of course, no two balloon flights are ever the same and depending on the will of the wind who knows what sights will come into view.

As well as offering fabulous hot air balloon experiences from over 100 UK launch sites, our new site offers a wealth of ballooning information... so if you don’t know your skirt from your envelope you can find out fast on our Ballooning Science pages and if you need to gen up on your knowledge of who flew the first hot air balloon then take a look at our Ballooning History pages.

With new Gift Extras to add to our balloon flights and a new online registration system to make booking flights even faster, the thrill of ballooning can begin even before our passengers take to the skies.

To find out more about our latest offers and to take a flight in a beautiful iconic red Virgin balloon visit where you can fly from just £169!