Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints’Eve, is traditionally observed every October 31st as a celebration to remember the dead. These days, though, it’s seen as a good excuse to scare yourself silly with spooky tales for Halloween!

To join in with the Halloween spirit (pun intended), here are a few spooky tales from our various launch sites.


Up first is Stratford-Upon-Avon with its bone-chilling stories from the “Tudor World” museum at no.40 Sheep Street. By day, it’s a popular museum, but by night, it has a decidedly more sinister reputation.

There has been a property on this site since 1146 and in the 17th century. A local serial killer is said to have committed his crimes within the building and, to this day, “physically interacts” (not sure I want to ask how!) with anyone brave enough to stick around after dark. Numerous sightings of ghostly figures, sinister voices, and heavy footsteps are often heard during ghost hunts. (I think I might pass on that one…)


Next, we head to Oxford, the “City of Dreaming Spires”. It also has its fair share of ghostly goings-on, including at St Johns College, where students are said to have heard Archbishop William Laud walking through the library late at night, kicking his head along the floor (how delightful!). He was a student himself before becoming its President and then Chancellor and was executed in 1645.


Moving across to Norwich now, thought to be one of the most haunted cities in the UK. Norwich Castle has plenty to satisfy those with a love of all things hair-raising especially since it was once a prison and a place of execution (always helps). There have been reports of floating skulls, a ghost of a woman who was executed for killing her husband, and also a woman in black who, to this day, haunts the art gallery. The perfect subject matter for spooky tales for Halloween!


Now on to Canterbury, a historic cathedral city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its cathedral is said to be home to numerous ghosts including the ghost of Nell Cook. She was the servant of a priest, who, after discovering he was having an affair, became so infuriated she poisoned him and his mistress.

Her punishment was to be buried alive beneath the passageway known as the “Dark Entry,” which she apparently now haunts. Legend has it that anyone who sees her ghost will die soon after (Eeek!).


Next up is Ludlow. Don’t be fooled by this quaint market town, it has plenty of spooky tales to tell, notably from The Feathers Hotel. A number of ghosts “live” here. There is a man in a Victorian dress who walks his dog along the corridor between rooms 232 and 233 before disappearing through the walls (as you do).

If you’re female and staying in room 211, beware! There’s a jealous female ghost who will take a dislike to you. One female guest’s hair was pulled so violently that she was almost dragged out of bed! Sounds of children running along corridors and clapping are often heard in the early hours of the morning by staff and guests.


Last up is Exeter. One of the oldest cities in the UK, it’s ranked fourth in the list of most haunted cities in the UK. Surprisingly, one of the haunted buildings is the Marks & Spencer store!

Thought to have been built on an old Roman burial ground, there have been reports of phantom-like breathing (Oh my!), objects being moved without explanation and a cold, chill-like feeling in several areas around the store.

Well, who knew there were so many eerie and spooky tales for Halloween to tell from where our big red balloons take to the skies! Whether you’re a believer or a sceptic, they sure make for interesting reading. Just don’t ask me to stay at The Feathers Hotel….

If you’re interested in flying on a hot air balloon ride with us (ghostly sightings not guaranteed) why not take a look at all our launch sites here?