The historic cities of the north east provide the perfect starting point for a hot air balloon ride offering up views not only of city landscapes but also rugged countryside. We have 7 launch sites across this region so there is sure to be one to suit everyone.

Bishop Auckland

Starting off with the furthest north of Bishop Auckland, launching from the Witton Castle Country Park. Lying to the north-east of the magnificent Yorkshire Dales National Park, this is one of our most majestic launch locations, offering spectacular views and is the closet hot air balloon ride to Durham itself. Look out for the majestic outline of Durham Cathedral if you drift northwards. [caption id="attachment_9816" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Durham Cathedral[/caption] With incredible valleys and the rugged North Pennines, there is stunning scenery whichever way the wind takes you.


Launching from the Ripley Castle estate, our Harrogate launch site will give you the chance to explore the North Yorkshire landscape like never before. [caption id="attachment_9821" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Ripley Castle[/caption] With a north westerly wind, keep an eye out for sights such as the dramatic Brimham Rocks, a moorland of dramatic rock formations created by a huge river more than 100 million years before even dinosaurs walked the earth. If you are taken over this historic spa town itself, see if you can spot sights such as the Royal Pump Room Museum, where the town’s ‘medicinal’ sulphur-rich waters were served to the public from 1842 to 1953.


Experience the magnificent city of York from the air as you indulge in one of our hot air balloon rides. You’ll be launching from the York Racecourse located just outside the city centre, giving you [caption id="attachment_9823" align="alignright" width="300"] York Minster[/caption] the perfect vantage point from which to see the city. Historic buildings, cobbled streets and the York Minster cathedral can all be appreciated as you drift upwards. The River Ouse cuts through the city and depending on the wind direction, you could end up following its path as it winds through North Yorkshire.


Our launch site for Leeds is the Temple Newsam Country Park. Over 1,500 acres of beautiful parkland, woodland and farmland and a Tudor-Jacobean mansion will see you off to a magnificent start on your hot air balloon ride. [caption id="attachment_9825" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Temple Newsam Country Park[/caption] After seeing the city skyline of Leeds, if the wind carries you in a southerly direction you may see the River Aire and the Aire and Calder Navigation canal leading towards Wakefield.


Your Doncaster hot air balloon ride begins at the picturesque 18th century Cusworth Hall, set in beautiful parkland on the outskirts of Cusworth village, South Yorkshire. This Grade 1 listed building has been extensively restored allowing visitors to experience a wealth of architecture and heritage through exhibitions and events. [caption id="attachment_9827" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Cusworth Hall[/caption] Throughout your flight, you’re sure to have views of Doncaster itself including Doncaster Racecourse, one of the oldest horse racing centres in Britain with races going back to the 16th century. Among our new launch sites for 2019, we have two in the north east:


Situated 5 miles east of the glorious Peak District national Park our Sheffield launch site sits just south of the "The Steel City" Famed for it's industrial history, this modern city will provide an interesting contrast to the rolling hills of the Peak District. Should the wind take you north west, you may come across Bradfield. Made up of the small villages of High Bradfield and Lower Bradfield, both are quintessentially English with their cricket pitches and bowling greens, overlapping with the rolling moorland of the Peak District. The Grade I listed Church of St Nicholas with it's gothic architecture is sure to stand out.


Lying between Sheffield and Doncaster, is our Rotherham launch site. With the Peak District still the west and Sheffield to the south, spectacular views of both town and countryside are on offer as you float skywards. North east of Rotherham lies the Grade I listed Georgian stately home of Wentworth House. It stands in 87 acres of gardens and has the longest facade of any country house in England. It's had a varied history since building started in 1735. It was taken over by Military Intelligence during World War II and has also been used as a Women's Physical Education College for teacher training. Start your north east hot air balloon ride adventure today and make memories to last a lifetime. Pilot Dave Sutcliffe is our regular Yorkshire pilot and flies from Harrogate, York and Leeds. For Bishop Auckland it’ll be pilot Chris Oxby. Tom Hook will be your pilot for Doncaster (Cusworth Hall), Sheffield and Rotherham. Having spent his childhood around hot air balloons, he is now a pilot in his own right and can't wait to get started in our 2019 flying season. See you in the skies!