The team do there spooky smiles
There's something about Halloween that heightens the senses and, perhaps, connects us more readily to the unexplained world of the unknown. Halloween of course is the darkest of celebrations in the calendar and Virgin Balloon Flights were not about to make it merry!

Staff got into the spirit of all hallows scary skelly Ben
eve today with ghosts and ghouls lining the office walls and creepy crawlies entangled in webs at the windows. We’ve whipped out our very best fancy dress and spooked each other all day.

From witches and their warts to skeletons and vampires we’ve really gone to town with the Halloween attire and had to giggle at our life-size pumpkin squeezing through doors and attempting to continue with her daily duties.

Feast your eyes on this gorgeously grungy lot at Virgin Balloon Flights HQ.

Happy Halloween!

Lynsay flying through the office

Pumpkin Caz monkeying around, its Camilla and Soph