One of our new customer service representatives, Shaun, recently took to the skies above Shropshire for the first time aboard one of our lovely balloons. Here’s what he had to say about his Virgin Balloon Flights experience

“When starting with Virgin Balloon Flights in March 2012 I was excited by the prospect that I may be able to take balloon flight. I am the kind of person who loves to experience new and unique things, and for me, the opportunity of taking a balloon flight is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I booked onto a Telford flight with Pilot Lindsay Muir and as I have a fear of heights, I did a little research on the pilot and found I was in more than capable hands as Lindsay is one of the UK leading female balloon pilots. The night before my flight I couldn’t wait for 11 pm to come around so I could call the flight line. The message from the pilot had said the flight WAS going ahead! Even though I knew EXACTLY where it was I still used my Sat Nav to get me there… there was no way I was going to miss this flight!!!

I was impressed with the launch site as we were on the actual golf course surrounded by beautiful large oak trees. I genuinely could not have imagined how big the balloon was going to be! I took photo after photo trying to demonstrate how big the balloon was, the tall, solid oak trees looked tiny in comparison!

During take-off, Lindsay was very good and precise with her instruction. She made us feel at ease and we felt very secure in her capable hands. As we launched, I was snapping away with my camera as we floated into the air. We saw some wonderful sights, everyone was smiling and happy.

We flew over some fantastic sights; I live in Telford and was genuinely ignorant of its beauty. We flew over the River Severn and caught some wonderful views of the Telford Ironbridge. After we had been flying for around 20 minutes, I had lost track of where we were but Lindsay was on hand with her map to tell us what to look out for; the whole flight lasted around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Once we landed, we were rewarded with a refreshing goblet of champagne. I had previously thought I would turn the champagne down at the end of my experience but as everyone else had some it would have been rude not to! Everyone regaled to one another about how the balloon flight had exceeded their expectations.

Ballooning is something I would do again and again! I think for my next booking I would try the Shrewsbury launch site, though to be honest I would fly from any launch site as I know all of our 100+ locations are brilliant.

Thank you very much Virgin Balloon Flights!

By Shaun Howells

You too can experience hot air ballooning from Telford or any of our other launch sites with Virgin Balloon Flights for as little as £169pp, simply call our office on 01952 212750 or visit our website.