The Virgin Group has published its first report on corporate responsibility and sustainable development which features some of the work we're doing at Virgin Balloon Flights. [caption id="attachment_416" align="alignright" width="382"]Virgin-Group-s-Corporate-Responsibility-and-Sustainable-Development-Report Virgin Group's Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report[/caption] What is it? Well, it’s a story that highlights the enormous range of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues the Virgin companies face operating in so many different sectors, and what we’re doing about them. Usually reports like this can be pretty dull and not many people read them so instead, we’ve put the customer at the centre of the story to make it more relevant to the reader. We’ve described different aspects of our customers’ lifestyles and the sustainability issues associated. Where does Virgin Balloon Flights fit in? We're proud that what we do puts smiles on people's faces, makes dreams come true and contributes to the well-being of thousands of airborne adventurers each year. However we know we need to do much more by considering the wider impact we have on people and our planet. We are at an early stage of this journey but we are committed to taking practical steps towards a more sustainable future and doing business like there is a tomorrow. Read the Relax and have fun and chapter to find about the exciting work we've been doing with The Forest Trust (TFT) and Worn Again plus what others like Virgin Wines, Virgin Media and Virgin Books have been up to. Worn Again Virgin Balloons Other things we've done at Virgin Balloon Flights include: In 2009 we switched our balloon flight vouchers, gift wallets, souvenir brochures, envelopes, letter heads and compliments slips to FSC accredited 100% recycled paper and card. So far in 2010 we've raised nearly £1,000 for charities including Virgin Unite, MacMillan and the British Heart Foundation and donated balloon trips to be auctioned for other good causes. You can also check out the latest stories about things we've been doing for charity and for the environment.