Valentine’s Day may be fast approaching, but fear not! We’ve put together some unique ideas for romantic things to do both this month and throughout 2018, so you can experience together and remember forever.

Things to Do and Days Out for Couples 2018:

  1. Find a Picturesque View Near You:

It may be too chilly for a picnic right now, but why not wrap up warm and venture on a romantic walk together? Whether you live in the city centre or out in the countryside, there’s bound to be an incredible view somewhere nearby that you haven’t experienced yet.

  1. Create a Mix-Tape of Your Favourite Songs:

Ok, this may seem a little 80s, and it’s more likely to be a Spotify playlist rather than a cassette these days, but sharing your favourite songs together is both romantic and fun. Why not enjoy over a cocktail or too?

Check out our blog post on our favourite love songs to do with flying for inspiration.

  1. Recreate One of Your Favourite First Dates:

Remember those early days when you’d regularly enjoy outings together? Why not dine out at that restaurant again or even recreate that cosy night in with your favourite rom-com and a bottle of fizz?

Valentine’s Gift Experiences:

You could treat your loved one to a quaint afternoon tea for two, but how about flying higher with a romantic day out that will literally sweep them off their feet?

It’s true what they say: love really is in the air, and there’s no better way to show how much you care than by fulfilling someone’s dream and ticking their bucket list.

Whatever romantic things to do you choose this Valentine’s Day, make memories to last a lifetime.

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