Twelve months ago Byron Highfield arrived at our Belton Woods launch site in Grantham, Lincolnshire, with a ring box in his pocket and his girlfriend Nikki in tow. A balloon flight later Nikki became his fiancée, one year on and she’s now his wife.

On the eve of the all-important flight, Byron had done the honourable thing and asked Nikki’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage in preparation for the sky-high proposal. With his future father-in-law onside, Byron (and Nikki) made their way to Grantham from their home in Newark and headed skywards.

“We flew over Belton House and the golf course and then over lots of countryside. I was a little nervous and don't think I took too much in from the flight. My favourite part of the flight had to be halfway through when I proposed, but we both also enjoyed the take-off and having to climb into the basket,” said Byron.

Of course delighted by Byron’s question, Nikki said yes and exactly a year later they tied the knot at their local church St Giles Balderton and then partied with friends and family at Rufford Mill, Rufford Park.

Byron added: “We would definitely be looking to fly again in the future, I'm sure it will make a nice present for an anniversary.”

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